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Take a look at some of our clients..

Since Zonewave started in 2016, the portfolio’s been growing quickly. Sony Music, Marriott Hotels and Bouygues Construction are just some of the names we’ve helped.

Marriott Hotels

The Dixon Hotel


Marriott’s Dixon Hotel at Tower Bridge is stunning. But its mobile signal simply wasn’t good enough. An old analogue DAS system wasn’t up to the job and guests were left frequently frustrated. 


We installed a hybrid digital and DAS mobile signal solution. And the result? Great signal and happier guests.

Bouygues Construction

Hounslow Civic Centre


When the construction company Bouygues were building the Hounslow Civic Centre, they came to us to ensure the centre could offer first class, consistent mobile signal that matched the standard of their creation.



Thanks to our hybrid digital and DAS mobile network installation, all areas of the building now benefit from reliable coverage.

Royal Opera House

Health and Safety and Anti Terriorism


A solution was required to satisfy Health & Safety requirements. Plays which involved the Amoury meant that all personnel had to be accounted for and tracked using the 'buddy' system which requires cellular signal.



Our solution was the installation of a hybrid active DAS system, as this solved the challenging and complex coverage issues required between the Amoury, walkways, and various backstage areas.

Our Clients

Just some of the clients we've helped to restore reliable mobile phone signals within their buildings restoring peace of mind to its occupants.


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