The Problem

Cellular signals are inhibited or blocked by trees, hills, building materials and bad weather.

Access to reliable mobile services has become essential to how people live and work across the UK. As people increasingly use apps and websites, to watch video, listen to music and communicate on the move, the amount of mobile data we use has increased tenfold over the past five years. Mobile phone networks must keep pace with the needs of people and businesses, providing them with both the network capacity and coverage they need.

The four mobile network operators – EE, O2, Three and Vodafone – continue to improve availability; but we are still some way off comprehensive coverage across the UK.

In the Connected Nations 2018 report, it is stated in the report that ONLY 66% of the UK’s landmass has good quality 4G coverage from all four operators, while 9% lacks good quality 4G coverage from any operator.  

The Solution

Team up with Zonewave.

When you team up with ZoneWave, you get a solution that gives you peace of mind. Every time you enter your building you’ll know that you’re going to have great signal. You won’t feel that familiar dread of losing touch with the outside world any longer. And you can say goodbye for good to wandering around to find a patch of signal.

Using cutting edge technology and Nextivity Cel-Fi products that comply with Ofcom licensing laws, ZoneWave can provide complete coverage for your building, and provide peace of mind to its occupants.

Get coverage you can rely on!

Cel-Fi Smart Cellular Solutions solve the problem of dropped calls, poor voice quality and low data throughput caused by a weak cellular signal.

Cel-Fi products are ideal for enterprise environments, small businesses, multi-story homes, remote settings and marine. Cel-Fi is unconditionally network safe, as it prevents interference with mobile operator networks.

Cel-Fi solutions optimize cellular coverage while improving voice quality and data speeds.

4G/5G Solutions can be immediately installed to provide a fast and reliable alternative to broadband for your home or business. Its ideal for remote locations, temporary buildings like Portacabins, and Rural industries.

If your serious about improving the signal in your building and keeping your staff and customers happy, please give us a call on 

0203 985 7666

Whatever your industry, chances are Zonewave can help.

Reasons to Give You Complete Peace of Mind

Elite Status Partner

Since becoming Cel-Fi certified professionals, Zonewave's close relationship with our manufactuers Nextivity has resulted in us being awarded the elite status partner classifiction, demonstrating our commitment to providing the highest quality service to our clients.

Fully Legal

Ofcom's licensing laws place very specific restrictions on the use of mobile signal repeaters to enhance mobile signal in buildings. All of our signal solutions are 100% compliant with the latest Ofcom licensing regulations.

Our Industry Experience 

At Zonewave our combined experience spans over 50 years in the telecoms industry. Zonewave are proud to have provided signal solutions for prestigious clients such as The Royal Opera House, The Government Legal Departmnet, and Warner Media. 

Satisfaction Guarantees

Zonewave believe that the highest quality solutions deserve the highest quality installations. Point of sale connectivity, free to roam data collection, WHSE automation, IoT enablement, and patient data availability are just some of the reasons our clients have chosen our solutions.

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